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fbi investigators are back out on seymour avenue hunting for clues into a decade of horror. susan candiotti is following developments from the scene. susan, what is happening there today? >> hi, alison. well, for the past couple of days, the fbi and other authorities have been working to seal up this house, to board it up, to put a fence around it sealed in cement so that no one can get inside and bother this area, bother this house. keep it from anyone who wants to try to get inside, for example. it's important for them to maintain that site. of course, if they later need it if this case should come to trial. that's what they've been working on for the past couple of days as ariel castro sits in a jail cell measuring about 9 foot 9. waiting for the next legal step
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for him, that will be a grand jury. he will face a number of charges in an indictment. >> now that this has had time to settle in with the neighborhood there, what are they saying to you? it's the weekend, it's saturday, are they coming out and talking to you about how this happened so close to where they live? >> they are. and it's been, obviously, difficult for them for them to come to grips to what happened on their street. and they're waiting to try to get their lives back to normal, again. after all, they aca knowledknow this will always be known as that house. if it isn't torn down eventually by the city and then you have people who have come here from miles away and, also, from different neighborhoods just to see for themselves what happened here. they feel drawn to this. and talking about what they will tell their children and are telling their children. an important lesson from this to never, ever get into a car with strangers. >> exactly. all right, susan candiotti in cleveland, thank you.
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russia knew about sinister texts between tamerlan tsarnaev and his mother but didn't tell the u.s. a law enforcement official said tsarnaev told his mother in 2011 he was interested in joining a militant group carrying out attacks. the attorney for first responder bryce reid said his client will plead not guilty to having materials to make a bomb. he was one of the emergency workers at last month's deadly plant fertilizer explosion in west, texas. and these pictures you're looking at are live pictures from outer space. nasa astronauts are working to repair a leak at the international space station. they've been at it just before 9:00 this morning. the repairs may take six hours or more. the discovery of three young
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women locked up and beaten and tortured for years is difficult for anyone to comprehensive, especially difficult for the women who lived in that neighborhood in cleveland. dan is a reporter in cleveland. dan, i know you've been covering the story right from the very beginning. how are people in the community dealing with the horrifying details about what happened? i talked to susan candiotti about what happened. what are you hearing on this? >> alison, interesting to follow this through the course of the week. obviously, on monday, when the announcement was made and in th this, a shift, the ang aer behind why all of this went on for so long, could there have been anything else done to find these girls? then we're seeing makeshift rallies pop up in support. i covered one on thursday night, wednesday night of people marching across the veterans memorial bridge here in cleveland. really no significance to that area. but a chance for about 300 to
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400 people who said, they all said i felt like i had to do something. i wanted to show some form of suppo support. >> okay a, dan, you still there? i think we may be having -- >> i have you. >> my audio dropped out. let me ask you this. what new developments are you hearing from your law enforcement sources? >>. >> from some of our sources it really comes down to what is happening to castro in his jail cell. we know he's on what they call suicide prevention. that's more or less a suicide watch. but in this case, he's made no indications while he's been in and being held in jail that he's going to commit suicide, but one of those issues that they're going to take every precaution. they literally have a guard standing outside of his cell that that is that person's job to look through a tiny window to make sure he's not doing
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anything to harm himself. as far as the investigation is concerned, they are poring over the 200 pieces of evidence that were taken out of castro's home. we know for a fact that his dna has been tested against other crimes here in the state of ohio. we talked to the attorney general and he said at this point castro has cleared any connection to any other unsolved crimes in ohio. now, that doesn't mean he didn't commit any other crimes. it just means of the evidence that has been collected for all the crimes and to all the unsolved cases, he's not a match at this point. >> one last question for you. we know that michelle knight is in seclusion right now. she's not speaking to her family. do you know what gina dejesus and amanda berry have been doing since they got home? >> we know they're trying to, you put this in relative terms. they're trying to live a normal life. trying to get reacclimated with their family. just spending time at home. gina dejesus family hung up a
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tarp so that gina can feel like she can come and go when she pleases to get outside. keep in mind, this women haven't spend any time outside in a period of ten years. to be able to have the ability to get up from bed and get up off the couch and open a door and freely go outside. just try and picture and imagine what that would do to your mental state. so, they're just trying to do the little things, the tiny things to get back to a normal life. don't know that either of them have made any trips really beyond their front door and their backyards. >> okay. dan, thank you so much. >> thank you. ariel castro is now behind bars accused of kidnapping and rape, but for these three women, a long road ahead. john walsh is the former host of "america's most wanted" he joins me now. thanks for joining us, john. >> thank you, alison, for having me. >> how does this case compare to other kidnapping cases you've seen? >> well, the magnitude of it is
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that three women came back alive. it's incredible. probably the best result that i've seen in years. of course, elizabeth smart was a girl that we looked for long and hard for eight months. she's done an incredible job. you know, coming back from that eight months. she walked the halls of congress with me to help get the adam walsh act passed that creates a national sex offender registry and this week i got to see jaycee dugard in washington, d.c., at the annual hope awards. how appropriate, coincidence. the center of missing and exploited children gave jaycee dugard for her heroic fight and bravery and she has two children by her kidnapper. but this is three women. three women who will be home for mother's day. i mean, nancy dejesus gets to see little gina. amanda berry, can you imagine this, she's going to celebrate her first mother's day without
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this monster looking over her shoulder. she's free for mother's day with her beautiful daughter. and, of course, michelle knight probably had the worst of it and i recommend that the media go home, leave these families alone. talk to them when they feel like it and when they're ready. and it's going to be a wonderful mother's day. >> it's obviously, very hard. we're hearing how these tarps have been put up at gina's house, just so she can go outside. they were captive for ten years and now they go home and they're captive because, well, the media is trying to do their job. but that's frustrating. how do these women begin to heal after this kind of ordeal? >> well, they need counseling. i mean, they need full-time professional counseling and that was provided to elizabeth smart by her family and the national center for missing exexploited children and i talked to jaycee dugard the other night. she said the road back is a very tough one. the euphoria is over in a couple days and then the reality comes that they have to bond, again,
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with their families. they have lots of concerns and fears and anxiety and they've been through holy hell and these women were in the house of a monster. he wasn't just a kidnapper and pedophi pedophile, he was a physical abuser. he is the ultimate coward. these families need professional counseling and they need to be left alone so they can get used to being free and bond with their loved ones. so, i say i'm in the media and when elizabeth smart was recovered, lots of people in the media and fox said, well, you know the smarts. you went and met elizabeth. how about getting elizabeth on "america's most wanted." i said, no, i'm advising the family to get professional help. elizabeth got married three months ago and i got invited to the wedding. these people need to assume a normal life and next big hurdle is going to be what happens to the perpetrator. is there going to be a real rough trial?
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>> go ahead, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt you there. >> that's all right. i said, you know, people are all celebrating, but think about this. this monster is going to have to come to trial, unless he makes a deal. i hope this prosecutor throws the book at him. he needs to spend every day of the rest of his life in a jail. and these women are going to have to put up with it. that was elizabeth smart's biggest fear and she did incredibly well two days on the witness stand. i talked to her one day. she said my biggest fear, john, is that the jury, they'll find this guy insane and he'll be put into a mental institution and releases in four or five years. but thank god that jury, that jury will realize that he's just a horrible, coward pedophile. they sentence him to life without and elizabeth got her justice. those couple days she was on the witness stand were -- these women will have to go through this and get prepared mentally for this trial. >> john walsh, don't go anywhere. i want to get your take on how
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he's cases were handled and a neighbor cried tears of horror after police say what happened a few doors down. we'll have that emotional reaction. new car! hey! [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. introducing the versatile, all-new subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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of "america's most wanted." your passion to help missing children began when your own family had tragedy. your son was abducted and murdered in 1981. i was close in age when adam disappeared and i went and shopped at that sears in hollywood, florida, a lot. when you hear about these women in ohio, a lot. how does it bring back -- >> i walked in their parents' shoes. i searched for adam for two weeks and then we got the worst news that he had been decapitated. all we everof adam, i had to continually go back to the hollywood police and then a beautiful, young chief, chad wagoner had the guts to reopen adam's case and i had two friends of mine, joe matthews and kelly hancock, a broward
10:15 am
prosecutor who won 300 cases. they both, pro bono, for free, worked on adam's case and proved unequivocally, the guy we thought, that he was the guy. and they closed the case and apologized to us on cnn and fox news live and "usa today" and it's all about justice. it's not about revenge and not about closure. these women will never have closure, it's about justice. their next hurdle will be waiting to see what happens to this alleged monster and that will be part of their healing process. you know, we waited 27 years to close that chapter of our lives to know who killed adam. >> how concerned are you about investigations, john, into other missing person's cases in that cleveland area? >> well, first of all, i've got to say i'm the biggest supporter
10:16 am
of law enforcement. it's easy to be a monday morning quarterback. hi hindsight is always 20/20. cops are my biggest supporters. but they do make mistakes and the chief, chad wagoner in hollywood said, we owe it to to open up this case. they have very limited resources and very limited funds. but i look back and it really troubles me and it troubled amanda's family. i talked to her mother, we profiled her three times on "americapist most wanted" and her mother said it was breaking her heart. she was listed as a run away. vital, vital hours and weeks and days are lost when police arbitrarily say someone's a run away. and the amber alert. i walked the halls of congress three years to try to get national emergency broadcasting system to do the amber alerts and gina dejesus wasn't listed
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in an amber alert. really tough, should have been. >> thank you, john walsh. still ahead, how could castro have kept these women captive for almost a decade? and the big question we all want to know, why? [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word...
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>> we feel lied to and we're ashamed. because we couldn't help earlier. >> do you feel guilty, juan, that you were so close to these girls and you weren't able to help them, even though you knew nothing about what was happening?
10:21 am
>> yes. yes. >> it's, obviously, not your fault, juan. and everyone knows that. but i can see the feeling in you and it must be one that many people in the area share, which is this appalling atrocity was happening right under your noses and there is this man that you all think is this incredibly nice guy and, actually, it turns out he is a monster. >> yeah. just i think all the times that we shared laughing outside and joking around and having people over. and to know that just two doors down was women there that, you xwknow
10:22 am
know, were being taken from the families and were living in a house of horrors, as i heard. just to think that, what could have happened to one of my nephews or niece. what could have happened maybe to my mother when i wasn't home. or i just, i just can't really put it altogether still. i'm very happy. let me get that out. i'm very happy and excited for the girls. >> and that was a neighbor of ariel castro who described him as a nice guy. but that changed quickly after castro was arrested for the kidnapping of three women. still so many questions about this case and a lot of these questions begin with why. i'm joined now by ken lanning. fbi special agent in the behavioral science unit.
10:23 am
ken, these women were kept for a decade. a decade. what happens in these cases that keep people who were abducted from trying to escape sooner? >> you know, i can't say whether these women tried to escape earlier, i can't say. generally speaking my experience with these types of cases is offenders in these long-term cases tend to control their victims with a variety of techniques that involve, number one, particularly at the beginning threats and violence. number two, they sometimes use restraining devices. number three sometimes they have accomplices. more importantly in those cases that go on for a very long time, more than a year or so, it usually involves a changing and evolving of the relationship between the offender and the victim. they move from a stranger relationship to an acquaintance relationship to almost a domestic relationship. in essence, each of these victims has to find a way to survive that works for them. and that's going to depend on
10:24 am
their personality and the personality and the behavior of the offender. >> and you have studied a lot of suspects in abduction cases. is there anything that could indicate why this guy aba ducted three women and held them for so long and, you know, i think he's a human being. but, i mean, how does someone like this keep this up for so long? >> yeah, once again. i can't say about this specific guy, but in my experience your question really involves three parts that i'll take quickly one at a time. number one, why do sex offenders abduct their victims? what we found from our research and study of those that do abduct, they usually have many characteristics, but the most significant one seems to be a lack of interpersonal skill. they abduct children because they lack the ability to do otherwise. they tend to be sexually and socially inadequate. the second part of that question is, why three victims? it's an interesting issue. why he abducted three victims
10:25 am
and kept all three of them is hard to know with certainty, but it may be one of the earlier victims or the victims were not meeting his expectations or his sexual fantasies. things were going well and he decided to abduct additional victims. the last part is the one that is most fascinating and we don't know for sure because there are not a lot of these cases. why did he hold them for so long? and my speculation would be that basically it usually involves a desire for some kind of relationship with his victim other than a one-time sexual assault. maybe even in a few cases wanting to have children with them. also could involve the idea of wanting to fulfill certain sexual fantasies that can't be fulfilled in a one-time contact. sometimes they want to totally control their victims, that is very important. also in other cases, they actually want to torture and hurt and inflict pain and that victim has to be living for them to get some enjoyment from that. but the bottom line is after abducting a child, you have a
10:26 am
couple choices. you release the child, which happens most of the time, or you kill the child, which is the horrible outcome or the victim is kept alive. and then the big problem at that time is how long do you continue with that and still get away with your crime and what is your long-range plan and i don't know if some of these guys even know what their long-range plan is. >> what is it that makes finding a captor or finding these women is so darn difficult for investigators? we are all hearing about the proximity of these victims and the proximity of their homes. what is it about that? >> what makes these cases difficult is something that john wa walsh just mentioned in his interview. what gets reported to the police is this child is missing. most missing children have not been abducted. and children can be abducted for a wide variety of reasons. so, it is simply not reasonable or realistic for the police to respond to every single case as if it's a stranger abduction.
10:27 am
they usually have to do a multi-track investigation and consider varying possibilities. so, for a long time, they don't even know with some degree of certainty that these children are, in fact, abducted. they may be missing for other reasons. also, there are legal differences between the missing status of adults and children. here we have one of the victims as an a adult and, so, adults kind of have a right to be missing, where children may not. maybe the last issue i've heard several people today and i certainly understand why refer to this guy as a monster. but one of the problems is if society keeps looking for monsteres, very often they don't see the guy that is right in front of them and begin to suspect because he doesn't look or seem like a monster. ted bundy abducted children, yet seemed like a nice guy. >> all seemed very normal. >> not all of them, but many of them. >> ken, thank you very much. we'll see you, again, later this afternoon. plus -- >> the lead singer of a popular
10:28 am
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios and welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm alison kosik. if you're just tuning in, thanks for joining us. we've been following crime stories all week with the
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cleveland kidnappings and the boston bombing dominating the headlines. but our next story is one you may have missed. a religious heavy metal rock star with a big following who is in big trouble. he is charged with trying to have his wife killed. nischelle turner has the story from los angeles. >> reporter: tim is best known as the frontman for the grammy nominated christian heavy metal band "as i lay dying." a full fledge rock star with a big following. >> they've been on the biggest tours and toured with the biggest bands. the perception of tim and as i lay dying as a band the nicest, chillest dudes. >> reporter: when san diego authorities arrested and charged the singer this week for attempting to hire a hitman for $1,000 to kill his estranged wife, no one could believe it was the same guy. >> this absolute shock. >> reporter: the 32-year-old father of three appeared in san diego county superior court thursday to face the felony
10:32 am
count and hear the allegations against him. >> he sent an e-mail to mrs. lambisis telling her that he doesn't love her and does not want to be with her any more. he also told her that he no longer believes in god. >> reporter: megan murphy, with whom he shares three adopted children, filed for divorce in september after eight years of marriage. according to the "last times" she alleged he was emotionally distant, preoccupied with body building and touring and said he spends money irresponsibly, including on numerous tattoos. the prosecution claims he asked members of his gym if they knew anyone who could murder his wife. police were tipped off to the request and set up a sting operation. >> he gave the hitman, posing, our undercover age ant $1,000 pictures of his wife, the address where she is living, including gate codes on how to
10:33 am
get in and wrote down specific dates where he could go kill her. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty. his band mates seemingly as stunned as everyone posted a statement on their website. reading in part, "the legal process is taking its course and we have no more information than you do. there are many unanswered questions and the situation will become clearer in the coming days and weeks." nischelle turner, cnn, los angeles. former south carolina governor mark sanford had cemented his political comeback and new jersey governor chris christie has confessed to having had a medical procedure to helping him lose weight. paul steinhauser is here with a look at why these two republicans were topics of krveg conversation this week. >> hey, alison. chris christie said his weight loss operation had nothing to do with politics. >> i did this for myself, my wife and my children. it has nothing to do with
10:34 am
running for governor this year. with running for president at any time in my life, if i ever decided to do that. it may sound odd to some people, but this is a hell of a lot more important to me than running for president. >> but regardless of his motivation, news this week at new jersey's heavyweight republican governor have the procedure will have an effect on him if he decides to run for the white house in 2016. you know, it's plain and simple, a lot of people care about a presidential candidate's health and appearance and losing weight is almost a prerequisite for christie should he launch a white house bid. mark sanford is living proof that life can be about second chances. >> i just want to acknowledge a god, not just of second chances but third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth chances because that is the reality of our shared humanity. >> after winning a special election on tuesday, a race that captured national attention,
10:35 am
sanford received political redemption. alison? >> thanks, paul. prince harry is at the warrior games in colorado today. also talking to wounded service members. we'll go live to colorado springs, just ahead.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work. [ pizza dodging man's mouth ] ♪ ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] [ male announcer ] fight pepperoni heartburn
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prince harry is in colorado today attending the warrior games. the event features wounded veterans and athletic competition. the third in line to the british crown is in the military himself. harry is a captain in britain's army air corps and has been deployed to afghanistan twice. royal correspondent max foster is live in colorado springs. hi, max. so, why did harry choose to attend this event? >> well, combines two of his great interests. sports and wounded service member. he's a serving officer himself
10:39 am
and very involved in helping war veterans and he has done a great job and feels they should have proper recognition. we show you pictures just coming into us now, not live pictures, but very recent. playing sitting volleyball with a skilled team, they look ski skilled compared to him. very hard sport to play, i'm told. certainly prince harry is making it look quite difficult but throwing himself in and this is what prince harry does so well. he gets involved in royal events not just standing around talking to people. he throws himself in. and then shortly, alison, he'll come out here to start the warrior games. formal opening ceremony. so, a few days. what is described, alison, as the paralympics for wounded veterans. >> how are those veterans reacting to prince harry being there and being so involved? >> well, if you saw the amount of press that have come here to highlight these games because of
10:40 am
prince harry. i think they're quite grateful, actually. he is a soldier's soldier as this private secretary describes him. they relate to him, many of the war veterans here. many of them got their injuries, of course, from afghanistan, which is where he served recently. he's on a level with them and wearing military fatigues, as well. he looks like a soldier. he is a soldier and they react really well to him. over the next couple days you'll see him throw himself in supporting that cause. he'll be adopting this for years to come. he'll get a higher profile because he's here and that's great for them. >> tell me some of his next stops on this u.s. trip for prince harry. >> coming your way. heading to new york, a fund-raiser there. also getting involved in a game of baseball. we'll see how good he is at that and, also, usually going along to an area of new jersey affected by hurricane sandy and meeting many of the victims of that storm. so, that will be a very serious
10:41 am
point and part of his role to really represent the uk showing that sympathy of what happened there. then it all ends up on wednesday with a polo match. a very glamorous affair in connecticut. billionaires playing polo with prince harry. him raising money for his charity african orphanage. >> prince harry picking up these causes and really getting involved is changing his reputation, isn't it, max? >> yeah. well, his reputation, of course, in the u.s. was largely defined last year by his episode in las vegas where he got caught taking all his clothes off in a hotel suite. he's trying to correct that, i think. he is coming here as a professional royal. his grandmother stepping back a bit. he's being elevated a bit and having to get more involved in more royal stuff. representing the queen of broad more, a more senior role and having to be more serious and i think he's embracing that. he wants to be seen as a more serious player. we don't want him to lose that character. he does do royal tours like no one else. he does offer great tv pictures
10:42 am
when he gets involved in things. hopefully he'll do more of that. >> max foster, thanks very much. if you need inspiration to change your life, look no further. six people are training to race the nautical triathlon along with dr. sanjay gupta. they're average people hoping to reset their lives and the training is hard. sanjay is here now with a fit nation update. >> hey, alison. chris christie says his weight loss operation had nothing -- one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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♪ ♪ sweet love of mine
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so, if you need a little inspiration to change your life, look no further. dr. sanjay gupta is here with a fit nation update. >> alison, i spent a good part of this week in florida training with our fit nation six-pack. less than four months away from our big triathlon in malibu. after what i saw this week, i'm positive they're all going to be ready. >> ready, go! ♪
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♪ >> as you can see, they're all looking pretty good. i got a little of my own training in, as well. if you want to see how our training week went in florida, check out or the featured fit nation section of the cnn ipad app. alison? >> thanks, sanjay. sanjay, now an a amazing story out of survival out of bangladesh. more than 16 days after a garment factory collapsed, a woman was pulled from the rubble alive. she told rescuers she survived on biscuits and water. the 19-year-old woman is known only as rshma. she used an iron rod to get workers' attention. the death toll from the collapse has surpassed 1,000. from bang ladesh to benghaz. cnn sources say e-mails show the white house and the state
10:47 am
department were more involved than they first said in the decision to remove an initial cia assessment that a group with ties to al qaeda was involved. our athena jones is live at the white house. athena, tell us more about these e-mails. what do they say? >> hi, alison. what we're discovering a lot of discussion going on behind the scenes before u.n. ambassador susan rice was given the talking points she was given to go on those sunday shows just a few days after the attacks. discussions going on between the white house, the cia, the justice department and justice department officials on what should be revealed. the big issue now is that we understand they decided to remove two key points from those talking points. one is that the cia had delivered multiple warnings about the potential for a terrorist attack in that area in benghazi, libya. and the other is an initial cia assessment that it was a group that was linked to al qaeda that was responsible for carrying out this attack. now, of course, as you remember
10:48 am
ambassador rice said on the sunday talk shows that this attack grew out of violence surrounding videos it assaulted islam. that is not the full story that the administration sanitized those remarks, took out those key points from the talking points in order to give the administration cover because this was a president who was just a couple of months away from an election. someone who had celebrated having found and killed osama bin laden and an administration that had been saying that al qaeda was decimated and on the run and then here you have this attack in benghazi on september 11th, no less, that looked like it had extremist links to it. alis alison? >> athena, was the change in language of susan rice's talking points, was that an attempt to hide al qaeda involvement in the run up to the presidential vote? >> that's certainly what some of these republican critics were alleging. they believe it was political. the administration said that al qaeda is on the run.
10:49 am
that doesn't really square with the idea that you're going to have an attack probably by a terrorist group on september 11th in benghazi. so, they're saying that the white house scrubbed that kind of information, those references from susan rice's talking points, not just the white house. but other administration officials, as well, to try to downplay that point. the white house says, look, this was an ongoing investigation and, so, they didn't want to get ahead of themselves. they didn't want to prejudice this ongoing investigation by talking about links to al qaeda. i should mention, too, that this group they're talking about at first said they were responsible for this attack and then later on retracted that. the white house argues that they wanted to give talking points that were accurate and not say too much and get ahead of the investigation. alison? >> athena jones in washington, thanks. >> thanks. when many of us think of retiring, we think of arizona or florida, well, think again. we'll run down the best places to retire in style.
10:50 am
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are you ready to pack it in and retire? maybe the sunny shores of florida are calling. not so fast. the new study ranks the best place to retire and neither florida or arizona either cracked the top ten. goodness. the bank rate research he had to her joining us from new york, i guess florida and arizona didn't make the top of the way you added up the factors. how did they make the calculations and which state came out on top? >> first, it is important to talk about how we did the ranking to understand. i was really surprised myself. i grew up in arizona, and i would have thought it would have
10:54 am
ranked higher t didn't do so well. it is important to understand why we did what we did. everyone has their own idea of where they would like to retire. some people absolutely need to be near the beach. some want to live in a brown stone in the city. some want to be near their grandkids. it is important -- it is hard to try to account for all of those different choices. we wanted to ask very specific kind of questions that we thought retirees should be asking themselves. for example, if you were going to make a move, maybe you would ask your which state had the lowest taxes, which had the lowest cost of living if you are living on a pension or on social security, you're going to have to have a fixed income and that's really important. we also asked ourselves which states had the best access to medical care. crime was a factor. of course weather. when we ranked all of those, we did get surprising numbers as you said. tennessee was the top of our list and in fact appalachian
10:55 am
states did incredibly well. they had a sweet spot of being relatively warm if you take the national average. they had relatively low state and local taxes and good cost of living and good access to medical care. >> with the new criteria you are using, is this a wakeup call to the usual retiree states like arizona and florida to maybe get their act together in these new areas that you're looking at? >> well, i think you need to understand why people are making their choices to retire. we're looking at practical questions and i think it is important to understand that most people when they're deciding to go somewhere they have been thinking about this for decades probably. the places like arizona, florida, this is where they have been dreaming to go to for a long time and i wouldn't say the ranking should tell people get your act together. i wouldn't say this is telling people they shouldn't go there. i think what we're saying is that if you do go to some of these places with the higher cost of living, higher taxes, prepare yourself. it is important to have a financial plan in place when you
10:56 am
are planning to live somewhere for ten, 20, 30 years. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. they put their lives on the line every day and today some of america's top cops got a presidential thank you. we're going to take you to washington next. [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪
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10:59 am
door to the one where three women were allegedly held captive, beaten and tortured. the abandoned home and garage were searched thursday, days after the kidnapping victims were freed from some ten years in captivity. s.w.a.t. teams are still they scene of a tense and lengthy standoff at a home in trenton, new jersey. the ordeal began yesterday afternoon. they say a gunman barricaded himself and three children in the house. we don't know the children's conditions. committee white house president obama honors some of the nation's leading police officers and they are called top cops. the 43 officers were selected by the national association of police organizations and represent departments from across the nation. that's going to wrap it up for us this hour. i am alison kosik, and i will see you again in an hour. your money starts now.
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